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Popular Tags

The Popular Tags displays a list of the most commonly uses tags. It offers both a list and a tag cloud layout.{loadmodule tags_popular,Popular Tags}

Similar Tags

The similar tags modules shows a list of items which have the same or a similar set of tags.{loadmodule tags_similar,Similar Tags}

Quick Icons

The Quick Icon plugin group is used to provide notification that updates to Joomla! or installed extensions are available and should be applied. These notifications display on your administrator control panel, which is the page you see when you first log in to your...

Administrator Components

All components are also used in the administrator area of your website. In addition to the ones listed here, there are components in the administrator that do not have direct front end displays, but do help shape your site. The most important ones for most users...

Archive Module

This module shows a list of the calendar months containing archived articles. After you have changed the status of an article to archived, this list will be automatically generated. Help{loadmodule articles_archive,Archived Articles}